Today’s question: from where can I hire a wheelchair accessible vehicle?

We need to visit some potential bungalows and also check out the surrounding areas. The last time we travelled in a car, I really struggled to get in and out of it; transferring from my wheelchair to the passenger seat was really difficult and getting back out of the passenger seat was almost impossible because I just couldn’t lift myself up and I had to commandeer the assistance of a passing stranger to help me and my husband wrestle me off the passenger seat and back into my waiting wheelchair.
Following that experience, I realised that my world had shrunk yet again, and travelling in a standard car was no longer an option; I would need to rely on vehicles in which I could stay in my wheelchair and not have to do before transfers.

I then found out that there were adapted vehicles where the passenger seat was able to go sideways out of the car, moving the passenger from inside the car to outside the car and into a position from where they could then use a transfer board to move directly onto the wheelchair without the need for standing up. Of course, some wheelchair users transfer directly from the car seat in the normal position using a transfer board, but this isn’t something I can do because if the car seat is not exactly the same height as the wheelchair seat enabling me to slide directly across, I don’t have the strength in my arms to lift myself up from the car seat onto the wheelchair seat and I definitely don’t want Dave or anybody else to have to try and lift me.
In London, I know how to get around using public transport that allows me to stay in my wheelchair. The main places where I would need to use a car of visiting my parents and visiting Dave’s family. I note that there are wheelchair accessible taxis in Stratford-upon-Avon because I have previously used 1 when I visited my parents in my power wheelchair but in Banbury I haven’t used any. I thought of the Accessible Banbury website and found a very helpful section on transport that said that Ambassador Cars in Banbury has wheelchair accessible vehicles. Another example of invaluable information from 1 wheelchair user helping another wheelchair user…
But, this time I need to find out:
a) from where can you hire wheelchair accessible vehicles?
b) how much does it cost to hire a wheelchair accessible vehicle?
c) what kind of wheelchair accessible vehicles can you hire?
d) are wheelchair accessible hire vehicles going to be massive behemoths that that guzzle monstrous amounts of fuel and make the journey majorly expensive??
e) am I going to travel in my wheelchair in a position that is so far behind the driver that it renders any conversation attempts futile and reduces Dave to a status of a glorified chauffeur and me to a powerless passenger who stares vacantly out of the window?
Let’s see what I discover…
So now is the 1st time

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