today’s question: what’s the best way to get into a sling when you are lying down?.


imagine a sausage. you need to make a sausage roll but there are some challenges. the sausage has four limbs and a head. it only has control over one of those four limbs. and you have to thread two of those limbs through two straps. You want to make a sausage roll but the pastry case has four straps which must be maintained free of the casing. Now imagine that that sausage weighs 57 kilos. and that the sausage needs the toilet…oh and also that the sausage has the ability to yelp if you accidentally hurt it. Sound difficult?.This is our reality every morning. because when I wake up I am unable to move much . and I have to depend on my husband to get me into the sling and onto the commode. Half an hour later I can move myself but both my husband and I got bored of waiting. in the bathroom for my body to be capable. of moving me onto the toilet and decided it would just be simpler to use a hoist and a commode.

however we are still learning to use the sling. we have watched videos on YouTube but it is very different when you are new to this. So what is the easiest way to put on a sling. when you are lying down? Answers on a postcard…

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