today’s question: why is my body temperature so shockingly low?

34.6 degrees.
That is generally. the temperature of someone with hypothermia.
The nurses thought the thermometer was broken the first time they took my temperature but after 3 consistent. readings from three separate thermometers. they had to accept that. perhaps the reading was true. and my temperature really was 34.6. The fact that I wasn’t blue indicated that perhaps I wasn’t suffering from. hypothermia.

The nurses. were very reluctant to let me go and said that. normally somebody with that reading would be. bundled straight into a. space blanket to warm up.. They also said that they could get into real trouble by releasing me with that temperature..

I suffer terribly from heat sensitivity and for almost a year now I have been sleeping under just a sheet not a duvet. Even when it’s snowing outside.. Maybe that has something to do with it?. .

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