A Japanese-style toilet- could it be a game changer?

Everyone with MS knows that bladder problems can be the bane of your life . However, I recently read about how one MS sufferer has used a Japanese-style washer dryer toilet to help her maintain her independence. I never thought of that! What a great idea!

Basically, you don’t need anybody else to help you with the less pleasant (and embarrassing) intimate aspects of the whole process. You can do it all yourself by operating 1 easy switch.

When I was in Japan, I was massively entertained by their electric toilets with the washing and drying function and I was always swivelling around on the toilet trying to locate the toilet paper but they really have very little toilet paper because of this function. It never occurred to me that it could be a lifesaver!

Yes basically you install one of these on your toilet and then you don’t have to ask someone else to help you other than with your clothes 🙂 and it can also be used as a normal toilet for people who do not require this functionality. Although my husband loved it more than I did! I wonder if you can also get the heated toilet seat? That was what he really loved and it would definitely be a bonus in cold UK winters. You don’t realise how unpleasant sitting on a cold toilet seat is  until your bottom has felt the beautiful warmth of a heated toilet seat!

now I just have to find 1 that is affordable…

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