What will the sunny world look like when I venture out for the first time in my special visually impaired sunglasses. ?

The green man has gone! Yes,

There is. no more green man when you want to cross the road. But fear not, he seems to have beem replaced by a…blue man???!!!
Apart from that, the new sunglasses, which I was given by my local visually impaired team, were fantastic. Not only do they serve as a very useful visual clue to other people that they may need to pay slightly more attention than usual when navigating their way past the visually impaired person coming towards them in a power wheelchair, but they gave the world a lovely rosy tint,
When someone talks about seeing the world through Rose tinted glasses I don’t think they exactly had this in mind.
but that’s how it was for me today. instead of being dazzled / Blinded by the bright sunlight. the world had a lovely rosy glow. and the people who got out of my way have no idea how lucky they had been. and how much danger they had avoided.
Yes, thanks to my new special sunglasses , today a significant portion of the population. of my local neighbourhood avoided becoming. part of the endangered species list and it was only the green man that faced extinction.

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