Valencia, the home of paella in Spain is incredibly wheelchair accessible


I visited Valencia in Spain and I was really impressed by how wheelchair friendly it was! I expected the new buildings to have wheelchair access but I was really impressed to find that the pedestrianized walkway along the seafront had many restaurants that were not just wheelchair accessible but also had a disabled toilet on the premises! I saw lots of other wheelchair users whilst I was there and I can understand why!



There are a lot of accessible toilets-even in places where you would not expect-there are dropped curbs everywhere, even in the old town-although there are not as many here obviously!

I stayed at Las Arenas which was great for a wheelchair user.The only difficulty is the entrance that it is up a slope which would be quite challenging if you are wheeling yourself.

hotel out s u deThe main entrance has a revolving door but this can be stopped and fully opened to allow wheelchair users to access it. During the time that I was there, I regularly found the doorway like that anyway. There were disabled toilets available in the main area and all of the main area was level access including the outdoor area.

poolTo get up to the pool there was a long walkway rather than a staircase, so everybody would use that to access the pool. There is a disabled toilet at the pool. The pool area was completely accessible although it did not have a hoist, just stairs to get in with the handrail.

looIn the bathroom, there was equipment that was better than anything I have previously seen. A flat wall mounted horizontal bar was behind the toilet and another one ran the length of the roll in shower cubicle. When it is going to be used, 2 long drop down rails are put down on either side of the toilet. They can also be individually lifted up if side entry is required.

s sho wemIn the roll in shower, a drop down seat can be fixed to the wall mounted bar and it slides along the length (about 3 m) of the shower, meaning that you can get from your wheelchair onto the seat then the seat can be moved to the other end of the shower underneath the water. I thought this was great!

The room itself was large and it had a very big balcony. There was a ramp provided so that you could get outside onto the balcony with your wheelchair. There was also a long horizontal bar at the end of the balcony.

I really liked this hotel-good food, good service and great access ability. It is right by the beach and right by a collection of restaurants (And a few bars) that overlook the sea and are always quite busy

The area around the hotel has good dropped curbs although the taxis that weight in front of the hotel do not have dropped curb and as the main road does not allow you to turn, they must go to the nearby roundabout in order to come back to the hotel. Takes a couple of minutes but they don’t seem to be reluctant to come to the very front of the hotel to collect you


there are number of taxis which have fully adapted vehicles.

Although I never used it, I understand that the public transport also has wheelchair access.


The majority of the restaurants on Avenida Neptuna are wheelchair accessible and every single one that I used also had a disabled toilet. They serve paella both in its original form (no fish) and an excellent selection of other dishes as well as great wines. Some of the restaurants are more famous for their paella but I ate at quite a few different ones and I didn’t really notice much difference!

Further into the city, the restaurants were older and less wheelchair accessible but still I found that an effort had been made to make them more accessible for wheelchairs and some of them even had a disabled toilet (of sorts).

Some of the popular places to eat in the city were outdoors in small squares so they were definitely wheelchair accessible although they might not have a disabled toilet inside.


Aquarium: all of the individual buildings had level access and is disabled toilet-although you would be wise to check the toilet 1st as the one that I went to in Mar Rojo (red Sea) was not big enough to close the door once wheelchair was inside. I did alert them about this and they seem to take it seriously. Some of the exhibits are down a slope and whilst this is always accessible, at times it is quite steep. There are lifts to many of the areas but the staff do not always know where the lift is located! The wheelchair user pays full price but the companion gets free entry if they are needed to push you around etc (!)

Centro historico (old town)

for and old town this was quite accessible and the McDonald’s has an accessible toilet.  When I was there in 2014 there was a Mexican bar which had an accessible toilet, although I wouldn’t lay bets on this still being there.  The Macdonalds is your best bet for an accessible toilet.

Bus tour

I didn’t find an accessible bus tour, I just went on a regular bus tour and it got stinking hot!  There probably is an accessible bus tour but the one I went on was handy because it stopped right outside the hotel.

The beach

Valencia Beach Boardwalk meThe beach is well adapted for wheelchair users. the beach is much more accessible than any other beach I have seen with boardwalks leading to the sea (they stop about 10 m from the edge of the sea). Most of the beach entrances from the Promenade down to the sea across the beach were boardwalks so wheelchairs could access the beach easily.

signDuring the summer, the lifeguards run a program to help people in wheelchairs enjoy the sea. I visited after the summer season so I was not able to see the program in action but every sign mentioned it.

The lifeguard stations were closed when I was there but I read that they contained adapted changing rooms for wheelchair users and also a disabled toilet.

The lifeguard stations were closed when I was there but I read that they contained adapted changing rooms for wheelchair users and also a disabled toilet.

In conclusion, this is a brilliant city/beach for wheelchair users and I fully enjoyed my visit here.

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