Do you know this fantastic tip for travelling in black cabs?

No more desperately holding on to the small handle above the door whilst your wheelchair slides around every time the driver takes a corner at speed, applies the brakes heavily or hurtles round a bend! No longer do you need to feel unvalued because whilst everybody else has to wear a seatbelt by law, wheelchairs and their riders are just shoved, unsecured, travelling sideways into the cab, with no perceivable concern for their safety!

This is the solution!

Request that the driver tips up the seats so that the floor space is much bigger and you can turn around, easily position your wheelchair to face backwards and then the driver

can use a special seatbelt extension that all cabs have, to increase the length of the seatbelt and put it around you, clipping it in to 1 of the standard seatbelt sockets.
Then, if you are travelling with a companion, 1 of the seats can be tipped back down and used by the other person.
I cannot tell you how much I wish I had known this and avoided feeling carsick when I went sideways over speed bumps, or frantically grabbed at anything I could to stop my wheelchair slithering around every time the brakes were applied a little bit too energetically by the driver, or feeling embarrassed because my poor companion had to crush their legs into the smalal amount of space left between my wheelchair wheels and the edge of the seat upon which they were attempting to sit!

This is such a revelation and amazing that most taxidrivers don’t do it or don’t seem to know about it. Why is there no standardised training for them or at least some entry in a handbook that explains how to provide appropriate positioning for wheelchairs?

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