Have you ever gone out in your wheelchair in the rain and kept your top half dry thanks to your raincoat but ended up with soggy knees?

I have found the solution!

If you are a wheelchair user, you will probably know that it is impossible, or at least incredibly difficult, to use an umbrella. Manual wheelchair users need both hands to self-propel and power wheelchair users would struggle to hold an umbrella and operate a wheelchair without crashing! Or at least that is my experience anyway.

I discovered this wonderful waterproof wheelchair blanket which totally solves that problem – and it looks much better than the plastic shopping bags that I sometimes had to use! It is called a wheelchair cosy I guess because it is fleece lined.

It has been really hot recently in the UK but a break in the weather brought heavy rain showers so I was very happy to have my BundleBean with me.dsc_0176563637377.jpg

As you can see from the photo I chose the elephant pattern but there are other patterns available: black, flamingos, and polar bear.

They cost £44.99 and you can order them from the website https://www.bundlebean.com/ also read the list of stockists that is on the website.

There are elasticated straps at the bottom and the top of the cosy so it can be securely fitted onto all wheelchairs. I didn’t really use them I just slung it over my knees

bundlebean pocketWhat I also loved was the pocket on the front of the cosy, it was really easy to get your hands in and out and was lovely and warm. I find that gloves can be pretty awkward because my hands don’t work very well so I struggle to put them on so now I use mittens instead but even these are complete faff to get on and off every time you need to use your hands and if you’re driving a power wheelchair then probably you will have to take one completely off anyway because I find that I need to be able to feel the control stick properly. So, the pocket really works as I can just stuff my hand in it for short moments, like waiting for the lights to change when crossing the road!

Since getting it, I have felt much more confident about going out in the rain because the use of knees are now a thing of the past 🙂 It rained on my birthday when we went to Monkey World so just like the monkeys, I covered up but I think my choice of cover was slightly more stylish!bundal beenmonkey in the rain with blanket


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