Little Amsterdam review (pancake cafe in Banbury, Oxfordshire)

great food, great service, great accessibility!

I have been going to Little Amsterdam, Banbury in my wheelchair for quite a few years now. In that time, I have seen them make a number of changes to improve on whatever they can to make their venue more and more wheelchair accessible.
The last thing I heard was that one wheelchair user had complained that the tables were not high enough for them to get under with their special wheelchair. In a standard wheelchair, the tables are a very good height and you can easily fit underneath them, however, for a special wheelchair, the tables need to be higher still so they were very interested to hear about elephant feet furniture raisers that can be used to elevate the height of many pieces of furniture.
This is why I love going to Little Amsterdam, in addition to the fact that the food that they serve is very good! I find that the level of service is unbeatable and they are always super attentive, incredibly helpful and very friendly. I am gluten-free and I relish their gluten-free pancakes. I have also doubled with cutting out refined sugar and am also dairy free. Whenever I say that I can’t have something, the manageress will quickly appear and offer me a very good alternative, so for example when I said I couldn’t have ice cream, she said that they had dairy free ice cream and when I said that I couldn’t have refined sugar, I was offered 3 different types of sugar substitute, not chemical heavy sweeteners but things like xylitol, natural sugar substitute!
In terms of wheelchair accessibility, the doorway is ramped so you can easily get over the threshold of the doorway. The inside is all on one level and there is a very slight incline to the back of the restaurant. The tables and chairs are all loose so furniture can easily be moved around or out of the way to accommodate you.
The toilet on the ground floor is accessible and the staff will generally open the toilet door as soon as they see you approaching in your wheelchair. The toilet is a reasonable size for entering and manoeuvring in your wheelchair but it is probably not large enough if you need to use it as a changing area. There is a drop-down rail to the left if you are sitting on the toilet and there are wall mounted grab rails on the right hand side. The flush is not 1 of the easy-to-use push levers, it is just 1 of the push down buttons on the top of the cistern.
I would take pains to reiterate that, if you find that something is not ideal for you, then mentioned this to the manageress who is always keen to find ways to better accommodate her clients.

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