Exploring my new area! Deddington

The Red Lion pub & the farmers market at Deddington
After just about giving up hope of ever selling and the move happening, we have finally moved- into a bungalow in Banbury, Oxfordshire. My husband’s family are from Banbury and handily my own family live only about 45 minutes away (although of course if my Dad is driving we could be talking of more like an hour!) I was still massively frustrated that our adapted property was eventually sold to an investor who had no interest in the adaptations. It seems such a waste that there is no place where people can easily sell and find adapted properties… Such a waste, and waste too of all of the money that the Council had spent the adaptations…
But anyway, now we have moved and I am slowly exploring my new local area – with a trip to the nearby village of Deddington, which holds farmers market every fourth Saturday of the month. This month it was a beautiful day and the farmers market was suitably busy. The farmers market was the in the central square and was very accessible – so much so, that I saw two other wheelchair users 🙂 We rounded off the trip with a visit to the Red Lion pub which has good size accessible outdoor area.the red lion pub outside
I didn’t check out the toilet facilities although I did check out their chips as it is also a fish & chips shop! I wasn’t blown away by the chips but they were proper fish shop chips which was good 🙂
the outside area is a good size and all the furniture is removable so you can stay in your wheelchair or transfer

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