Cotswold Wildlife Park visit

Recently I visited the Cotswold Wildlife Park. I found it very accessible, something that was evident from the large number of other visitors also using wheelchairs. It was a great day and there were many different types of animals that were able to be seen.

I am visually impaired but I was able to see clearly some of the larger animals quite easily as many of them could come quite close to you.

I particularly enjoyed the penguins, the lemurs and the pelicans. In some areas you can go in with the animals and in some of those places they can come right up to you.

As it was my birthday my husband treated me to a feed the penguins animal experience which was amazing!

The terrain is a little bit bumpy but not massively. It is a large park so if you are wheeling yourself you may get quite tired! There are a good number of blue badge parking spaces and there is also a changing places toilet (with hoist) – but it is worth knowing that it is not a radar key and you need to request access at the gift shop for somebody to open the door for you. It also offers free wheelchair hire.

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