Learning to be a wheelchair user is an adventure. Not necessarily an adventure that I would choose, given the option, but here I am and I have to learn how to do things a new way. Nearly everyday, I have a new question…

My name is Susie.I’ve been in a wheelchair since November 2012.

I love travelling. and before I became a wheelchair user I had visited 70 countries. I’ve been back to quite a few of those in my new life as a wheelchair user and it is quite a different experience let me tell you! I’ve also added 11 new countries to that number so now I’m on 81. I’ve swam, well, floated, with sea turtles and dolphins, seen the northern lights in Abisko Sweden, seen the partial solar eclipse while sledding with huskies. and my greatest achievement is seeing The Mountain gorillas in Rwanda.

I uncovered some really useful information about different places. so in order to help other wheelchair users travel more easily, I have set up a travel website database called Wheelchair World..

But this blog is not just about my travels. it’s about the daily struggles of being a wheelchair user. and I know that I am lucky to live in a country which goes some way to help its citizens with disabilities. things are definitely improving for wheelchair users. but the world has a long way to go before equality is achieved…

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